Heather Schwerer, LMT and Esthetician

Helping you to look and feel amazing from top to bottom, inside and out, is my passion!

Growing up, working in my family’s restaurants and, eventually, owning and operating
my own successful restaurant, I embraced the importance of a nutritional diet. When
my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I spent the bulk of a year in and out of
hospitals, caring for him both physically and emotionally. I did a lot of research on
nutrition for wellness, on the mind-body connection to healing, and how massage can
improve our sense of well-being and immunity. It was during this time that I felt called
to help others in their wellness journey.
Leaving a successful career in a field I spent my entire life learning was difficult,
expensive and time consuming. But taking the jump to follow my passion has provided
amazing rewards. I attended massage school and started working for Dr. Surkein at
Pure Wellness Chiropractic.  

After a year of earning a loyal massage clientele, I felt a “tug” to do more. That tug was
on my heart—and on my own skin. Although aging is a natural process, I knew I had to
fight the fight and wanted to help others with the same struggle! With the support of
my family and the Surkein family, I was able to work and attend school and now am
licensed in both massage and esthetics. 

At Pure Wellness Chiropractic I offer state-of- the-art skin care treatments with a whole-
body approach. Every facial begins with a relaxing foot soak while I listen to your needs
so I can provide a customized plan to help you reach your goals.
I can’t wait to get to know you and help you become the healthy, beautiful, amazing
person you are meant to be!