Sandy Burns, LMT

Health and wellness has always been an important part of my life. I was active in Acro Yoga and accidentally suffered an injury while practicing. I fell and suffered an injury to my back and neck. This damage started my journey to where I am now. After struggling for two years with doctors, medications, weight gain and injections, I decided to  take a more natural approach.  After just a month of clinical massage and chiropractic care, nearly all my symptoms were gone, and I was able to stop medication altogether. After a year, I had no pain and all suffering stopped.

I am co-owner of Crucible Krav Maga in Allen, , which is an Israeli certified self- defense school which also offers classes on fitness. I teach hard style kettlebell and functional movement.  Owning a gym, I see a lot of injury and restrictions. I didn’t want anyone to have to endure living in pain as I did due to injury, so I enrolled in massage school to learn and spread the word that there is a better way. Even a small amount of clinical massage can make a huge difference.

Pairing massage and Chiropractic care along with fitness to maintain a healthy body is the ideal goal. I’m very excited to be working with Dr. Surkein and Dr. Toone to help you achieve all your health goals.